Brand Protection & Trademarks

A strong brand helps distinguish a business’ products from its competitors’. It adds value to the business by enhancing consumer awareness and improving customer loyalty. Brands can also be lost or devalued if they are not adequately protected.

Many elements of a brand can be protected as so-called intellectual property rights. These are legal rights that apply to creative work and, for example, prevent copying and unauthorised third party use.

How can we help?

We can advise on:

  • The creative process (including advice on the development process) to ensure that whatever is created can be protected and does not infringe other people’s brands or other rights
  • Confidentiality and development agreements  to protect creative rights
  • Carrying out searches to check that the brand is not already being used by another company
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Patents, their exploitation and design rights
  • Copyright, trademarks and unregistered trademarks
  • Royalty agreements
  • Breach of intellectual property rights [link to business section 6 – Intellectual Property Disputes]