First Registrations

Many people believe that ownership of a property is signified by “title deeds”. Historically, title deeds were bound documents recording all legal matters that affected a property. The Land Registration Act introduced compulsory registration of land at the Land Registry. With the onset of modern technology and the availability of information online, the system of property ownership has evolved and records of all property transactions are now registered and held electronically by the Land Registry.

If you have owned your property for a number of years it may not yet be registered at the Land Registry. Registering your property at the Land Registry gives you proof of ownership and helps to protect your interest in the land in the event that any historic paper title deeds are lost or destroyed.

Registering title deeds at the Land Registry for the first time can be a complicated process. There can be numerous documents which have recorded the sale of properties throughout its history particularly if the property is of a significant age.

How can we help?

  • Review and sort all relevant historic title documents detailing the ownership and any issues that affect the property
  • Prepare the documents required to submit your application for first registration to the Land Registry
  • Deal with any requisitions raised by the Land Registry and ensure that the title to the property is properly registered
  • Ensure the safe return of the deeds and documents and completed registration to you upon successful completion of first registration.