The Gingerbread Centre was one of the lucky local not-for-profit organisations that recently received a grant from the RJS Foundation. 

Last Friday, board members of the RJS Foundation, which included Jack Brereton MP, Rachel Kelsall Councillor, and RJS solicitor Elliott Hodge, visited the Gingerbread Centre to meet with Chris Belyavin, one of the Gingerbread fundraisers, to see how their grant had benefited them.

The grant was used to purchase a much-needed television with built in DVD player for their Activity Club, so the children of the families supported by the Gingerbread Centre would have improved facilities and the opportunity to learn and play using this medium.

The staff said that the improved facilities had a very positive impact on those attending Activity Club and that the grant was very much appreciated by those families being supported by the Gingerbread Centre.

The Gingerbread Centre supports vulnerable, homeless families or those families at risk of becoming homeless. To find out more about this deserving organisation, please follow this link: 

For more information about the RJS Foundation, please follow this link: 

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