If your business is suffering financial difficulties and you need advice on what do to next, RJS can provide expert advice on all aspects of insolvency law.

Early action can pay dividends and we can look at what steps may be needed to avoid personal liability. It is important to ensure that you do not trade whilst insolvent or take any action that could lead to personal liability on your part.

In the event of your company entering insolvency, you may face a claim from a liquidator or the company’s former bankers, in which case we can advise you on issues such as transactions at an under value, preferential payments, bank guarantees and trading whilst insolvent.


Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors can assist you in providing early commercial advice in what may be the hardest time for your business. We can offer advice in respect of any insolvency situation, including:

Getting your unpaid goods back by enforcing retention of title clauses

Participating in the creditor’s meeting to maximise the return to unsecured creditors

Defending any claims against you by the liquidator or administrator