Vacancies 2023

RJS Solicitors offer opportunities for Trainees on a twice-annual intake basis.  Training contracts begin in March and September every year for appropriately qualified external applicants.

For applicants who may wish to join us in March, we ask that their application is submitted this year by the end of January 2023.

For applicants wanting to join us in September, we ask their application is submitted by March 15 2023.

RJS provides legal advice to businesses and their owners; our clients range from start-ups to quoted PLCs. 

We regularly work alongside national and regional practices. 

We offer training across our four practice areas, corporate, disputes, real estate and private clients. 

You will be actively involved with client matters and will have the opportunity to participate in all areas of the business. 

Please send your application to:

The best training experience possible:

We put in place what we believe is a balanced introduction to the profession, ensuring the bespoke needs of the individual alongside the requirements of our firm. We provide a bespoke training period with high-end technical training alongside real client experience.


We provide full details of the practice, what we do and how we work.  It involves full training of our case and file management systems and the working practices of the firm.


Our trainee salaries are subject to review on an annual basis. We always exceed the Law Society minimum recommendation.

Entry requirements

Generally, we seek a minimum 2:1 in any degree (or equivalent) and an expected or achieved pass in either the LPC or SQE1 and 2.

We will consider applications outside of these requirements where there are alternative factors to consider, such as specific experience.

Training and seat rotation

You will enjoy the chance to build both the technical legal skills and complementary skills you need to become a newly qualified Solicitor. We believe we provide quite a unique environment in bringing high-level technical knowledge alongside real-life and practical business advice and support.

Throughout your training contract, you will gain broad exposure to different areas of the firm. Whilst each contract is bespoke. Generally, this will be done by moving seats approximately every six months. The training in each seat is ‘front loaded’ to enable you to quickly develop legal knowledge of each area and take on real responsibility. We ensure that your personal preferences and or previous experiences are taken into account wherever possible when we plan your seat.

The Training principal and our COO will support you throughout your Training Contract, meeting with you each month to offer personal or professional support and guidance.  They will also ensure that you are meeting all of your learning and development goals.

What we’re looking for:

A focus on detail

With a conscientious approach, you will have the ability to digest and retain significant details.  You will need to communicate clearly and accurately both in written and verbal communication. Finally, you will also need to be able to interact well with people both internally and externally.

An interest in business

We’re a commercial law firm, so you’ll have a genuine interest in how business works. That means keeping up to date with the latest business issues, as well as appreciating how legal expertise can support and steer commercial organisations.


With the self-assurance to voice your own opinions and defend your point of view when you need to, you’ll be a convincing and persuasive communicator. But you’ll also have the self-awareness to ask for help when you need it.

Intellectual capability

You will need an analytical approach to be able to consider and evaluate a variety of opinions or views, apply those views to situations and form your own balanced or persuasive opinions on the facts at hand.

Personal drive

You’ll need to combine a real desire to be the best with the energy, ambition, and enthusiasm to go the extra mile to succeed. With a can-do attitude, you’re always open to learning from your experience, so you can be even better next time.

Personal responsibility

Taking responsibility is at our core.  You will understand that this allows you to consistently improve and achieve your career aims. It also allows you to make the most of your personal drive to reach high-performance levels.


You understand priorities and monitor your progress towards set objectives. By being well-organised and planning and managing your work efficiently, you make sure you always deliver quality work on time.

Our recruitment process:

We’ve designed our application process to ensure you’ll know the outcome in no more than three months after the application deadline. The below shows a typical recruitment and selection process. You’ll be given full details of the process in relation to your own recruitment as appropriate.


Apply by sending a CV and covering letter to Mrs D Parr at

Online assessment

After the deadline, we’ll review all applications, and if you’re one of the ones who best meet our requirements, we’ll ask you to take an online psychometric test.

Partner Interview

If you pass the online assessment, you’ll be invited for an interview with a Partner/Director.

Offer of a placement

After the Partner review, we’ll look at your performance in all areas, and if you’re one of the people who best meet our core capabilities, we’ll offer you a Training Contract.

Qualification and beyond:

Trainee retention

We aim to recruit high-quality Trainees and focus on recruiting Trainees with a view to being able to retain all of our Trainees.  We believe it is essential that we grow organically, and training and retaining our NQ Trainees is a core part of our business plan. We carefully control the number of Trainees in the business to maximise retention. Resource planning ensures that you will be given the highest quality of work, which will stretch you further and allow you to quickly learn and develop.

Newly Qualified (NQ) selection process

We run a fair and transparent NQ selection process across the Firm. The recruitment process is centrally managed and includes interviews and technical skills assessments. Our Training Principle and COO work with the business to identify the right candidates and the appropriate seats at the right time for each individual to maximize the opportunities available.

Continuous professional development

After qualification, you can look forward to a variety of development opportunities that will enable you to become a specialist in your chosen area. Within each team, we look to ensure training is made available on a regular basis, as well as supporting individuals with their own short-term and long-term training and career goals.