Everyone should have a Will. We spend our lives working to provide for ourselves and our loved ones and without a Will we may fail to pass our hard earned assets onto the people we want to benefit. If you haven’t made a Will the law determines who gets your assets on your death under the rules of intestacy. The intestacy rules may not distribute your assets to the people you want to benefit from your estate. Making a Will makes sure that when you die your assets go to the people you choose and your estate is dealt with in the way that you want.

Anyone who has children, owns a property, has savings, owns a business or has life insurance policies needs to make a Will. If you are not married your partner will not inherit any part of your estate under the rules of intestacy which could leave them in financial hardship on your death. A Will not only says who gets your assets on your death but also allows you to choose who looks after any of your children if you die before they are 18. Without a Will you have no say in this.


To make sure that your money and property go to the people you choose.

To appoint a guardian to care for your children if both parents die.

To make sure that your children inherit from you even if your spouse re-marries or goes into care.

To plan your estate to save inheritance tax.

To leave a gift to charity.

To provide for a disabled or vulnerable person in a way that will not affect their benefits and will not put them at risk of being taken advantage of by dishonest people.

If you are living with someone but are not married, you can make sure they are able to stay in your house if you die and receive whatever inheritance you want them to have.

Why should I use a solicitor to write my Will?

Writing a Will without proper advice could mean that your estate is not distributed properly on your death and could lead to mistakes and the Will being invalid.

At RJS Solicitors we will use our experience to write your Will in a way that considers all your personal and financial circumstances. We will offer help and support to guide you through the process to ensure that you have properly provided for your loved ones on your death. This undoubtedly makes things easier for those left behind. We will make the process of writing your Will as simple as possible and explain it in terms that are easy to understand.



Make sure your assets go to the right people

Advise on how to protect your wealth

Inheritance tax planning

Avoid family disagreements after your death

Provide you with peace of mind