Reputation Protection

The reputation of your business is of vital importance and if that is damaged or at risk of being damaged, then action needs to be taken either to restore it or to protect it.

Defamation can refer to libel and slander, where libel is the permanent form of defamation, such as in writing, whereas slander is the temporary form, such as spoken.

Claims that a company is in financial difficulties when it is not, or false allegations of fraud or other types of dishonesty are examples of potential defamatory statements and in respect of which action is needed. Action should be taken promptly if you think you have a claim, as there is a short limitation period.


If you think you have a claim for defamation, or you have been accused of making defamatory statements, talk to our expert team who can:

Assess whether there has been a defamatory statement and if so, the consequences of that statement

Consider what defences there may be available

Establish what you want to achieve e.g. would an apology be appropriate, or has the damage been so severe that a claim for financial losses would be appropriate?

Consider with you from the outset the likely costs involved in any action